Inner Outings

Creating Spaces for Reflective Practice

Inner Outings offer a space to pause. 

Many of us live busy lives. Workplaces increasingly seem to expect us to do more with less. Working with people can bring joy, but often also brings stress. We sometimes get support and supervision to manage this, but often we don’t, or at least not enough. And sometimes we need a space removed from the pace of the day to day. 

Inner Outings offer a space to pause. 

Somewhere to take time to reflect on work and practice. Somewhere to re-focus and recharge. It is also a space in which to take care of yourself. Somewhere to ‘fit your own mask first’, before heading back out to support and give to others. 


“Reflection is ‘concerned with developing people who are able to challenge and question, in order to make a difference in the world’”

(Bulman, 2013)