Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 9th April, 2022
@ Quaker Community Bamford, Peak District, England

Feedback from Participants:

A safe and nurturing space provided. Come as you are – you’re welcome.

Beautiful nature around, great spaces inside.

A safe space for creative reflection & to be present with oneself.

I got what I hoped for and more. Answers to questions I didn’t know I had.

I found the creative process useful to think differently.

This retreat is excellent value for money – the effects of this will be long reaching for me. Also, the food was absolutely delicious. J

It’s a way of investing some time in yourself. It’s easy to connect with & held in a beautiful setting.

I got more than I hoped for – the content and facilitators made it possible to explore big questions, which will support me moving forward with my therapy practice as well as personal growth. Thank you x

A chance to stop and nourish myself.

Perfectly guided & open to our own need, for what we needed at different times.

Brought me to a place of contemplation and joy in the moments of reflection & artmaking.

It’s a way of investing some time in yourself. It’s easy to connect with & held in a beautiful setting.

Exactly what I needed.


A wonderful day to creatively reflect in a safe, caring environment.

I would totally recommend the day to anyone who may need a nourishing, caring, safe space in which to rest, explore and play.

A great space for stopping & giving yourself time and space to notice and re-connect with your emotional world.

Great and warm facilitators who created a safe and calm space.

I had not idea what to expect… I hoped for creative ‘time out’, and I certainly had that. The reflecting was more profound than I’d necessarily expected.

I would highly recommend this activity to anyone who is interested or in need of some time with themselves. Definitely a must do if you work in mental health.

A welcoming spacious day – felt comfortable to experiment with the art materials.

Great focus on self-care and support.

Enough prompting & suggestion; but not too much.

It was really nice to be able to be given the chance to speak or be quiet when we needed to. It takes the pressure away from needing to speak.

Varied and creative, with space for going in your own direction.

Really found the questions, cards & prompts helpful for developing my reflections as the day went on.

I had not idea what I had hoped from today but strangely I feel that I received everything I needed.

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 18th September, 2021
@ Embrace Retreat Centre, Kilinchy, N. Ireland

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Feedback from Participants : 

“So peaceful and spacious”

Well paced.” 

“Fantastic questions and materials to explore them.”

“Walk was bliss with sunshine.”

“I hoped for a chance to reflect and was supported in reflecting creatively, safely and kindly.”

“I got more than I had hoped for from the day. It was a warm welcoming space created by Jayne and Colin and each member of the group. The space allowed for a calm reflection and time for oneself with the gentle presence of others. Thank-you.”

“It is a time to pause, to breathe, to listen to how you actually are but may not normally have time to notice!”



Loved the one layer at a time…”

“Thoughtfully directed.”

“A lovely mixture of structured activities & ‘free’ time.”

Very gentle pace that kept me moving and present.”

Very easy and relaxed with no fuss – made the day relaxed and enjoyable”

Be open to the process and see what happens.”

A lovely supportive space to think creatively & take time out to reflect. It felt effortless & yet is hard to do without support.” 

“Give yourself the gift of a day’s retreat. It could do you the world of good. Don’t go with too many expectations just go with the process.”