Feedback from Participants

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 27th April, 2024 @ Whirlow Spirituality Centre, Sheffield, England

A lovely balance of restful & with the chance to create and connect.

Great provision for making something I wouldn’t have thought to do.

Absolutely beautiful tasty nurturing food – thank you. Soup is the perfect comfort food.

Nice break out spaces as well as large gathering space was great.

It was lovely to find yourself a space. Beautifully light & peaceful.

I didn’t know what I needed, until my needs felt fully met by the end!

Really interesting and thoughtful – wonderful metaphors for reflecting with.

Love, it’s such a gift to be in a safe, held space with a little direction but lots of freedom.

Facilitated but very unobtrusive.

Really gentle and safe. Containing and holding.

I hoped that I would feel calm & able to engage in a thoughtful and creative day & I absolutely feel that I did!

It was really useful to have the space to reflect on the things I find difficult and work on some acceptance and understanding.

What would you say about the day to someone who was interested in attending a future retreat?

It’s always a very nourishing, gentle & calm space.

Do it – everyone should experience a day like this.

Beautiful space to be quietly creative and reflective.

Try it!

Well worth it if you are looking for a real space to reflect, time to be with your thoughts, and a way to express and be curious about life/work.

It’s a space to find calm, stillness, be creative with no judgment – find yourself.

Do it!

It provides a space to think, reflect and explore ways of developing in both work and personal journeys.

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 13th April, 2024 @ Corrymeela, Ballycastle, N.Ireland

“Beautiful location. The building itself was magical and the views just added to the whole experience.”

“Stunning location – great to have the different rooms.”

“The food was very tasty and great atmosphere while eating with other groups.”

“The content was exactly what I needed. Jayne and Colin created an amazing space of support and respect to explore.”

“Lovely prompts and metaphors.”

“The prompts help guide the mind & process.”

“Thank you for the permission to be playful.”

“Contained; guided but enabling for process to unfold.”

“Great permission given, to do or not to do! Gracious space.”

“Came with an open mind and wasn’t disappointed.”

“Wasn’t sure what to expect. Left feeling open-minded & calm but energised. Interesting to feel both – good energy!”

“To be gently led by Jayne and Colin was inspiring. To be given permission to express creatively what I needed was a joy!”

“Absolutely. Wonder filled space!”


What would you say about the day to someone who was interested in attending a future retreat?

“I would highly recommend. That you will be surprised at how much you get out of it. A space to reflect and grow.”

“An opportunity to create space for new perspectives.”

“Go with an open mind & go with the flow & notice how you feel. Appreciate the time & space.”

“Give yourself this gift! It’s been a nourishing day, full of play, reflection, creativity & discovery. Thank you for reconnecting me to my creative self!”

“If you are needing time and space for yourself; give this gift to yourself. The facilitation, space and creativity will make it a beautiful experience for body & mind.”

“Be open. Settle into the space that you’re helping co-create!”

“To come and be open to hearing your inner voice and allowing yourself to express it creatively in this safe space.”

“Give yourself precious Time to Play!”

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 28th October, 2023 @ Corrymeela, Ballycastle, N.Ireland

“Really beautiful space – the open fire was a really important part for me.”

“Very welcoming and no restrictions throughout the day was very relaxing. Ability to come and go whenever was very positive.”

“Lovely to have space to create at a pace that gave time to think & reflect.”

“Materials are so magical. Thank you.”

“Wide variety of activities and lots of help and guidance and suggestions. Ability to do whatever was right for me was very good.”

“I wasn’t sure I could create anything but I was surprised I could join in with those who have experience with art.”

“I felt held & safe & guided. The materials available offered choice & flexibility.”

“Lovely pace, well contained.”

“Well organised – relaxed & friendly.”

“I wasn’t really sure what I hoped for, I didn’t really have any expectations because I have absolutely no art/creative experience. I came away feeling I have found a new way to express myself.”

“Wasn’t sure what I was hoping for but just to take time and let the emotions flow was very useful. “

What would you say about the day to someone who was interested in attending a future retreat?

“A beneficial and helpful way to reflect; gentle and non-intrusive.”

“It gives me the space to breathe and nurture my inner voice – something which isn’t always available in life!”

“Come to spend time with yourself, engage in magical creativity with excellent facilitators. You will come away nourished much more than you expected.”

“Worth it to find some space for you.”

“Give Yourself a Treat. Listen to your Heart & Soul.”

“Do it.”

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 22nd April, 2023 @ Corrymeela, Ballycastle, N.Ireland

Relaxed pace allowing for creative expression and relaxation

Excellent pace – space & time to write, be creative & be in nature.

A day to just relax & play with art materials & clear the mind.

My expectations to meet some of my inner world were met and the joy of exploring beautiful surroundings. So nourishing.

Beautiful location.

Lovely communal lunch.

Freedom and time – much needed.

Gentle, non judgmental, safely, quiet support.

[A] wonderful opportunity to reflect & create alongside others – Thank you. 


What would you say to someone who is interested in coming to a future reflective practice retreat day?

Well worth the money – space to relax, great food, lovely people and atmosphere.

Go for it – Great Day.

Let yourself take a risk – whatever that means for you. You might be surprised by what you create or discover.

Really valuable chance to reflect and share.

Go! It was amazing! The connection, the freedom, the nature – You don’t want to miss this!

I would highly recommend this session to others interested in a future Inner Outings Retreat. I’d share good things about the design, facilitating, and flexibility to choose your own path using the many delightful resources & space options to engage creatively.

Worthwhile. So glad I attended. Thank you.

Go for it.

Give yourself a Hug! A real treat of a “time for You”. Put it in Your Diary and ring fence it!

I would strongly encourage them to go.

Reflective Practice Day - Saturday 15th April, 2023

@ Quaker Community Bamford, Peak District, England

Felt like a great balance of time as a little community & having space for myself.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day but it was exactly what I needed – a creative retreat from the busy world. It was refreshing and the quiet space I needed to play and reflect.

 A really peaceful space – surrounded by nature.

Lovely and nourishing.

The soup! So good.

Felt like a great balance of time as a little community & having space for myself.

Lovely & flexible – a great base for quiet and reflection

Time, peace & space to think. Excellent range of materials to use too.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day but it was exactly what I needed – a creative retreat from the busy world. It was refreshing and the quiet space I needed to play and reflect.

I was able to pause, slowly take away usual life pressures and enter a quiet space of rest, creativity and contemplation.

What would you say to someone who is interested in coming to a future reflective practice retreat day?

There is nothing you have to do in order to ‘do it right’. Just follow your mind for a day and see where it takes you.

It is a really gentle but vibrant way to gift some time and space to yourself.

That everyone is welcome & it’s a great way to reset & reflect & get creative and give yourself whatever you need.

If you’re in need of some space and to tap into what it is you need, personally or professionally, I would recommend giving this reflective retreat a go.

Nourishing of mind, body & spirit through creative play – good company – and support.

Just do it! Make the time, you’re worth it!

If you are needing space to reflect, relax and fill your cup, this retreat is just lovely.

Reflective Practice Day – Saturday 19th November, 2022
@ Corrymeela, Ballycastle, N.Ireland

“Lovely relaxing and welcoming environment. I love the fire!”

“Perfect Reflective Setting.”

“Food and hospitality was lovely.”

“I found the theme for the day was very helpful and provided a focus point. Really enjoyed the time to have a walk also.”

“A beautiful, spacious, blend of input and time to digest.”

“Great content. Thoroughly enjoyable and enriching day.”

“Reflective, encouraging and creative.”

“Facilitation was excellent, they had a very warm and compassionate presence making it comfortable to share.”

“Attention to detail was very evident.”

“I really enjoyed the pace of the day – the excellent provision of materials & the presence of the facilitators.”

“I enjoyed the balance of framing the day with seeds & symbols, reflecting on the month & seasons, weaving in story along with the space and time & freedom to create & group time.”

“Loved the opportunity to sit with myself and consider my journey.”

“I’ve had a busy week & past few months. I enjoyed unravelling the productivity mindset & was seeking a facilitated space to make art & reflect.”

“I felt nourished, nurtured and held throughout. I am deeply appreciative.”

“A space to relax, reflect and be creative. And also just to be!”

What would you say to someone who is interested in coming to a future reflective practice retreat day?

“Allow yourself the time to reflect, create and be. You will love it!”

“It’s a perfect place for being creative and reflect.”

“It’s the most relaxing time where you’re in control of what you create; the main benefit being that ‘anything goes’!”

“Allow your soul to catch up with your body and absorb the peace, calm and inner nourishment offered by Inner Outings.”

“Just Arrive & see what comes up don’t worry about it the Night Before.”

“It’s important to make space in your life for a day like this occasionally. It is a gift to self.”

“It was an amazing experience.”

A space away from doing & busyness, to be, create, explore nature within a welcoming container.

Very worthwhile with you need to give time to yourself.

Reflective Practice Day – Saturday 8th October, 2022
@ Quaker Community Bamford, Peak District, England

“A wonderful space to create – lots of choice depending on mood / need. Stunning spaces to explore outside.”

“Lots of space, very welcoming and cosy.”

“Beautiful location. The spaces inside and out (no pun intended) – are so warm & still & kind.”

“Really appreciated how well gluten free was accommodated & very wholesome but not miserable options!”

“Thank you for nourishing food that feeds the soul & complements the day so well.”

“Felt like a good amount of prompts & coming together as a group but as much freedom as needed.”

“Really beautifully guided into a space where I could fully engage my creativity.”

“Really friendly – felt immediately welcome & comfortable.”

“Exactly what I hoped for and needed.”

“More than I’d hoped. I’ve never had so much time on CPD to work alone on what I wanted to before. Time was perfect to avoid feeling rushed or bored/done.”

“Wonderful guides in reflective practice. Thankyou so much for your gentleness.”

What would you say to someone who is interested in coming to a future reflective practice retreat day?

“Reflection can be many different things to different people, the retreat provided a contained space that could be used however we wanted…the value in taking time out should not be underestimated!”

“It is a really beneficial space to reflect and gain insight. Facilitators are very engaging and the food really good for the soul.”

“You won’t regret it.”

“Jump on and book, you will experience a safe space to share with facilitators who are very experienced, offer the core conditions, show love & respect throughout the day, Thank you Jayne & Colin.”

“That it is an excellent gift of time and creative space to yourself. “

“If you need space for yourself to stop and reflect this is exactly what you’re looking for! Jayne & Colin were wonderful! Thank you.”

“It’s a genuine chance to be in your own space alongside others & take the time to focus on what you need.”

“It gives you permission, as a therapeutic practitioner to recharge & thoughtfully consider how to find space in life.”

“Works in mysterious ways – Come and do Be,do,Be,do.”

Reflective Practice Day – Saturday 7th May, 2022
@ Corrymeela, Ballycastle, N.Ireland

“Corrymeela was the perfect place for this amazing journey – glorious weather too!”

“Venue was very warm and welcoming. I felt the building coincided with the themes / reflections of the day.”

“Food and refreshments were lovely. Thank you.”

“Such a special, wholesome theme to have focused on.”

“Nourishing, Attuned, Insightful.”

“Conducted in an organised and gentle manner by 2 wonderful people!”

“The facilitation was fantastic. Ja[y]ne and Colin complemented each other in their style of delivery. There was a nice flow to the day.”

“Excellent, Warm, Holding, Attentive.”

“Held the space well & without being too obvious.”

“A gentle, peaceful, reflective day, which allowed time to be peaceful and rest my usually busy brain.”

What would you say to people who may consider coming on a retreat:

“I can recommend this as a safe space to take a step back & see what may need to be adapted for good self-care.”

“To take the time for themselves, a gentle, safe space to explore and be curious in.”

“Go for it! And prepare to dedicate a full day to your own wellbeing. Bliss!”

“Take the weight off your shoulders & rest a while & come away refreshed.”

“A safe space to consider your feelings’ journey and to express them creatively as well as an opportunity to move through.”

“Definitely attend, you will get so much from it and more!”

“Go in confidence that you will be treated gently and respectfully, and enjoy your own way of being creative.”


Reflective Practice Day – Saturday 9th April, 2022
@ Quaker Community Bamford, Peak District, England

A safe and nurturing space provided. Come as you are – you’re welcome.

Beautiful nature around, great spaces inside.

A safe space for creative reflection & to be present with oneself.

I got what I hoped for and more. Answers to questions I didn’t know I had.

I found the creative process useful to think differently.

This retreat is excellent value for money – the effects of this will be long reaching for me. Also, the food was absolutely delicious. J

It’s a way of investing some time in yourself. It’s easy to connect with & held in a beautiful setting.

I got more than I hoped for – the content and facilitators made it possible to explore big questions, which will support me moving forward with my therapy practice as well as personal growth. Thank you x

A chance to stop and nourish myself.

Perfectly guided & open to our own need, for what we needed at different times.

Really found the questions, cards & prompts helpful for developing my reflections as the day went on.

Brought me to a place of contemplation and joy in the moments of reflection & artmaking.

It’s a way of investing some time in yourself. It’s easy to connect with & held in a beautiful setting.

Exactly what I needed.

A wonderful day to creatively reflect in a safe, caring environment.

I would totally recommend the day to anyone who may need a nourishing, caring, safe space in which to rest, explore and play.

A great space for stopping & giving yourself time and space to notice and re-connect with your emotional world.

Great and warm facilitators who created a safe and calm space.

I had not idea what to expect… I hoped for creative ‘time out’, and I certainly had that. The reflecting was more profound than I’d necessarily expected.

I would highly recommend this activity to anyone who is interested or in need of some time with themselves. Definitely a must do if you work in mental health.

A welcoming spacious day – felt comfortable to experiment with the art materials.

Great focus on self-care and support.

Enough prompting & suggestion; but not too much.

It was really nice to be able to be given the chance to speak or be quiet when we needed to. It takes the pressure away from needing to speak.

Varied and creative, with space for going in your own direction.

I had no idea what I had hoped from today but strangely I feel that I received everything I needed.


Reflective Practice Day – Saturday 18th September, 2021
@ Embrace Retreat Centre, Killinchy, N.Ireland

“So peaceful and spacious”

“Well paced.” 

“Fantastic questions and materials to explore them.”

“Walk was bliss with sunshine.”

“I hoped for a chance to reflect and was supported in reflecting creatively, safely and kindly.”

“Thoughtfully directed.”

“I got more than I had hoped for from the day. It was a warm welcoming space created by Jayne and Colin and each member of the group. The space allowed for a calm reflection and time for oneself with the gentle presence of others. Thank-you.”

“It is a time to pause, to breathe, to listen to how you actually are but may not normally have time to notice!”


“Loved the one layer at a time…”

“A lovely mixture of structured activities & ‘free’ time.”

“Very gentle pace that kept me moving and present.”

“Very easy and relaxed with no fuss – made the day relaxed and enjoyable”

“Be open to the process and see what happens.”

“A lovely supportive space to think creatively & take time out to reflect. It felt effortless & yet is hard to do without support.” 

“Give yourself the gift of a day’s retreat. It could do you the world of good. Don’t go with too many expectations just go with the process.”