Inner Outings: nurturing the spark

Inner Outings: nurturing the spark

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The spark for ‘Inner Outings’ came in the midst of an international catch up conversation. Colin and I had become friends while we did our Art Psychotherapy training together, but in early 2019 we were both in the midst of transitions that was bringing one of us ‘back to’ and the other ‘away from’ Belfast.

As Art Therapists we both have to engage in regular supervision. This is both a requirement of our professional registration, but also a support that we would not be without! It helps us think about our work with our clients and how to do this well or better; it supports us as ‘helping professionals’ to offload and take care of ourselves; and it helps us to think about the contexts in which we work and need to navigate. As we talked we realised that we both had an interest to develop our own work in the area of supervision, but not just for Art Therapists. Rather we had a passion to develop spaces for all those who work in contexts where they engage with people but do not get, what we experience as vital; a regular supervisory type experience where we are encouraged and supported to reflect on our practice.

And so after that initial spark we continued to talk and dream and plan and ‘Inner Outings’ was born. We played around with ideas of what this ‘thing’ would be called, and as anyone who has tried to come up with a name will know, this was challenging. But ‘Inner Outings’ seemed to express what we hope we will be able to offer. Spaces for reflection and self care that journey inwards and outwards; considering and making space for our inner and outer contexts and conditions and helping us to live better in both aspects. The labyrinth-inspired logo is symbolically representative of this. We are still at the beginning of this journey and we hope to meet fellow travellers for whom Inner Outings will provide worthwhile and playful spaces of inspiration, support and growth.

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