Some Thoughts on Our Autumn Day Retreat

I think that it’s usually a pretty good sign when a friend feels relaxed enough to fall asleep in your home. 

We were delighted to host a Reflective Practice Day Retreat on a late September Saturday, at the Embrace Retreat Centre in Killinchy. After it had rained heavily all the day before, we were delighted by the blue skies and bright sunshine, which allowed for beautiful reflective walks with views of the Mournes and in the presence of trees. 

The day was paced to allow time for questions, reflection, creating and sharing of words and food. Participants sat and wrote in their new journals, and used art making to reflect on their personal questions. Participants said “Guided exercises very good”, “Loved the one layer at a time…”, “Fantastic questions and materials to explore them” and  “I hoped for a chance to reflect and was supported in reflecting creatively, safely and kindly.”

“I got more than I had hoped for from the day. It was a warm welcoming space created by Jayne and Colin and each member of the group. The space allowed for a calm reflection and time for oneself with the gentle presence of others. Thank-you.”

The creative process allows for the unexpected. Sometimes this is very immersed in art making, and sometimes it happens more ‘side-ways’, in quiet or even slight discomfort.  In responding to the question of whether they had got what they hoped for from the day, one participant responded “Yes & more…Still trying to work out how that happened!”

During the afternoon personal time, there were walks taken, art created, sun sat in, and eyes closed – that moment of gentle delight, when reflection leads to rest. 

A space to take care of self. 

A space to pause!