Sparkling Moment

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What has been a ‘Sparkling Moment’ you have experienced in the past two weeks? This was the question to start our time together in a recent group I was working with. For some this was an easy enough question to answer. For others it was harder to think of something. They felt they were stuck in a negative way of seeing the world. This may be partly personality, and also a hyper-vigilant response to multiple crises/traumas; but as humans we can tend to have a negativity bias. While this is an important part of the survival response designed to identify threat, it can become less helpful when over-active or stuck ‘on’.

However the study of gratitude has shown us the value of noticing the positives, in terms of wellbeing and mental health. How can I notice and be grateful for the small and the large moments in my day; the sun, the smile, the hello, the coffee, the connection, the home… What can I be thankful for today? I recently spoke with someone who was working to notice three positive things each day, in an important but challenging relationship. This was an intentional choice to build on gratitude, and focus on the good moments.

The approach of ‘Appreciative Enquiry’ allows for us to reflect from a stance that seeks to notice ‘what is going right?’ not just ‘what is going wrong?’. This can have a significant impact on how we develop our work and what we do.

So what about you? What is your ‘Sparkling Moment’ from this week?

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